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High-performance guided selling and advanced product configuration is challenging in any of the top CPQ solutions. That's why Logik.io was built with the fastest, most intuitive, and easiest to manage configurator on the market.

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Quote Line Limits?

Logik.io custom Bill of Materials object reduces quote lines needed for any configuration.  Logik.io works right alongside your existing system so you can still leverage all your product data in one central place.

Performance Issues?

Logik.io’s intelligent solving engine was built to process rules and configurations with lightning speed, no matter how complex. Enable your sales reps to produce quotes faster for every product, for every customer, every time.

Complex Rules?

Logik.io’s is built with low-code and no-code admin features to handle any level of complexity, with lower admin effort. Allowing your business to maintain less and go to market faster by managing all products and data in one place.

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Table of Contents

Empowering Your Sales Process with CPQ Solutions: A Comprehensive Guide


In today's fast-paced business landscape, optimizing sales processes is crucial for staying competitive. One powerful tool that can revolutionize your approach is a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution. By leveraging CPQ software, your company can streamline operations, enhance quoting accuracy, and accelerate sales cycles. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the benefits of CPQ solutions, top CPQ software options, and key considerations for implementation.

Section 1 Why Choose a CPQ Solution?

By utilizing a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution, you can sustainably optimize your company's operations and build a future-proof unified system for marketing multiple-variant goods and services.

A CPQ solution automates the configure, price, quote process, from initial customer requirements to the delivery of a tailored estimate. Sales teams utilize CPQ software to create customized quotes quickly and accurately, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

As your business grows, managing product pricing and configurations can become increasingly complex. CPQ software simplifies this process, allowing sales representatives to focus on building relationships with clients rather than navigating intricate pricing structures.

Section 2 What is CPQ Software?

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software enables your firm to automate the quoting and proposal process, beginning when a client presents their demands in the firm's offering and finishing with the delivery of a full estimate to the client or potential client.

Sales teams utilize CPQ software to speed up the sales process while boosting quotation accuracy and client interactions. These software packages enable your organization to identify a customer's demands and present them with unique estimates tailored to those needs.

Product rules might become increasingly challenging to monitor as your business expands. Configuring a quotation may be a time-consuming procedure, especially if the service or product has a lot of variables. CPQ software is frequently an add-on to CRM systems, and it works alongside typical CRM tabs like sales forecasting and inventories.

Section 3 The Benefits of CPQ Software Implementation

Implementing a CPQ solution offers numerous benefits for your CPQ system:
  1. Automation: CPQ software automates repetitive tasks, allowing sales agents to spend more time understanding customer needs and fostering profitable relationships.
  2. Precision: CPQ systems generate precise quotes by automatically configuring product options, pricing, and discounts based on customer requirements.
  3. Efficiency: By streamlining the quoting process, CPQ software reduces approval delays and ensures faster turnaround times for quotes and proposals.
  4. Flexibility: CPQ solutions are highly adaptable, allowing organizations to customize pricing strategies, manage renewals, and handle complex configurations with ease.

Key Considerations for CPQ Implementation

Successful CPQ implementation requires careful planning and execution. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Approval Processes: Establish clear approval workflows to ensure compliance with corporate policies and minimize delays in the quoting process.

  2. Renewal Management: CPQ solutions should facilitate the management of contract renewals and provide insights into future sales opportunities.

  3. Pricing Strategies: Leverage CPQ software to implement flexible pricing strategies that align with your business objectives and market dynamics.

Section 4 Does my Company need a CPQ Solution?

The overarching advantage of using CPQ software in your sales force is automation within your sales cycle,

which allows agents to invest more time to get to know the client and establish a mutually profitable connection with them. It reduces any need for salespeople to go through many worksheets seeking client, price, and quotation information.

A CPQ system can automatically generate any possible configuration, pricing, and discount combination. This allows you to provide your consumers with the most precise quote possible.

The key to a successful CPQ implementation is to drive change initiatives and to implement certain guiding principles, which include:

  • Better handling of approvals: Compliance with corporate policies and procedures is required in the CPQ process flow to reduce approval delays and streamline the approval procedure.
  • Future possibilities and renewals: CPQ solutions estimate orders and pipelines by analyzing consumption patterns.
  • Management of auto-renewals: Effective promotion for consumption-based models necessitates a rethinking of renewal management.
  • Flexible pricing: CPQ should encourage the use of associated monetization strategies and dynamic pricing.
  • Dynamic setup: CPQ works using characteristics, programmable routines, and a hierarchy-based setup.

Section 5 Best CPQ Software Solutions

The brilliance of CPQ solutions is that they handle the full configure, price, quote process with prospective clients,

freeing up sales professionals to work on creating rapport, forming relationships, and providing a pleasant customer experience.

While this is not a comprehensive list of all CPQ software examples available, it is a collection of the most well-known and highly reviewed CPQ products now accessible to sales teams. Many are on the lists of best CPQ software according to Gartner.

Section 6 Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ can benefit your company by automating the quoting, contracting, and ordering processes with clients.

This solution operates in conjunction with Salesforce CRM, allowing you to manage all of your client information in one place.

Salesforce CPQ Features

Among the features are:

  • Product configuration: This functionality enables the sales staff to simply design product bundles for an easy sale. The program allows the reps to update these bundles whenever they need to. The configuration potential also influences pricing.
  • Granting discounts: Salesforce CPQ is responsible for assisting with basic discounts to close the transaction. However, it also provides certain predetermined reductions for specific usage circumstances. It employs the principle of automating and streamlining to accomplish the simple discounting components for streamlined CPQ Salesforce pricing.
  • Quote renewals and contract creation : Salesforce CPQ allows you to build deal contracts and perform quotation renewals. As a result, your sales staff will find the process more streamlined and productive.
  • Matching the quotes with the clients' needs: Your company's growth is adaptable, and Salesforce CPQ gives you the tools you need to track it and achieve your objectives. Salesforce CPQ handles contract changes, pricing, and renewals.

The most valuable aspect of Salesforce is the ecosystem and resources it offers outside the functionality. You may find several Salesforce CPQ examples on their website and free Salesforce CPQ tutorials and Salesforce CPQ certifications through their Salesforce CPQ trailhead course. You can also schedule a Salesforce CPQ demo to start.

Salesforce CPQ documentation is best in class once you've implemented Salesforce CPQ as your CPQ tool. You can generally locate a very qualified admin because there are distinct job responsibilities for Salesforce CPQ jobs.

Section 7 Oracle CPQ

Oracle CPQ is software that walks you through a detailed step-by-step procedure for setting purchase requests.

This solution was created to link the front and back offices, and it can simply be integrated with other customer experience systems.

Oracle CPQ is intended to increase the productivity of sales operations while also increasing user satisfaction by completely managing the sales request procedure. It is designed to help banking, innovation, branding, sales, production lines, and delivery businesses.

Oracle CPQ has a configurator, enabling customers to create sophisticated or simple solutions with many goods and services. It implements regular pricing and discounting principles automatically and follows changing price plans. Oracle CPQ enables sales representatives and distribution partners to develop precise and competent offers, labor statements, and legal agreements on time. Oracle CPQ documentation enables users to easily design and manage dynamic layouts, content, and terms of service.

It enables cross-team cooperation on quotations and scope of work papers across sales, support, and technical staff. It improves the sales process by shortening cycle times and raising total profitability. The technology enables you to produce branded quotations and offers based on our established pricing frameworks and corporate rules. Using Oracle CPQ after Oracle CPQ training, your sales team can sell from any location and device. It enables users to create professional-looking and accurate papers tailored to their customers' demands.

Most businesses choose between Oracle CPQ, Salesforce CPQ, and Apttus CPQ. The primary benefit of Salesforce CPQ over Oracle CPQ is that Oracle CPQ Architecture is significantly more rigid and less adaptable than Salesforce. Oracle CPQ jobs are significantly less in demand than Salesforce in terms of resources and ecosystem, and tools like an Oracle CPQ tutorial are far less developed.

Section 8 Apttus CPQ

Apttus CPQ, built on the Salesforce1 platform, improves sales performance by leading users to the best available quotations for all goods, pricing, and channels.

Despite being a complete CPQ solution, Apttus still uses CRM software for some operations, which isn't always a big deal.

Apttus is a program that enables your company's sales outlets to enhance sales and has a solid grip on the marketplace. The Apttus CPQ platform is in charge of increasing the company's sales performance by providing customers with a path to improved quotations for the product offers, platforms, and price variables. Furthermore, the integration of CPQ quoting software on the firm platform will aid in the automation of quotation renewals going by past pricing.

The greatest discussion in the CPQ world is between Apttus CPQ vs Salesforce CPQ. Apttus CPQ features are quite similar to Salesforce; however, Apttus has the advantage of now being a member of Conga Contract Lifecycle Management. They were bought out a few years ago. Apttus CPQ pricing is similar to Salesforce. There is also an Apttus CPQ Salesforce integration and an Apttus CPQ Salesforce tutorial on PDF and otherwise.

For further information, visit what is now Conga's website, where you can obtain Apttus CPQ Training, Apttus CPQ Documentation, and the Apttus CPQ developer guide.

Section 9 SAP CPQ

SAP CPQ features a comprehensive configurator system with a very intuitive UI that fits best when coupled with SAP ERP; however, sales teams do not have a mobile field presence.

SAP CPQ is best suited for mid-sized to large-sized companies that generate significant income and require CPQ software to streamline their complicated sales operations.

SAP CPQ, formerly known as Callidus CPQ, is SAP's cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution designed to assist sales teams in performing sophisticated product setups and creating and managing sales quotes.

SAP finalized its SAP Customer Experience sales suite in 2018 with the purchase of Callidus, which provided a cloud-based quoting solution for both simple and customizable items.  SAP CPQ Callidus is a more traditional tool that SAP obtained through the acquisition. Salesforce is a system that SAP CPQ frequently integrates with. Because the SAP CPQ integration is not particularly strong, firms that rely heavily on Salesforce should use Salesforce CPQ instead.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software is a key update for firms. It enables you to get a realistic value quotation rapidly. It also enables you to avoid mistakes that might lose your future sales. But the most important reason to choose SAP CPQ or another software is that it will help you develop your company by keeping the sales process faster, simpler, and more successful. Through SAP CPQ documentation and SAP CPQ tutorials, you can get your team ready with SAP CPQ training solutions.

Logik.io was created to manage complicated settings with ease of installation and management. We have a team of professionals that are knowledgeable about CPQ and setup. Check out Logik.io's Salesforce setup solution with Threekit-powered graphics to experience what transpires when the best join together to create incredible encounters.