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Our Story

Configuring Out What We
Started Two Decades Ago



We're in the Business of Perfecting What We Started

Our founding and management team has been building, selling, and perfecting configuration and guided selling technology since they pioneered the CPQ space over two decades ago. They created BigMachines in 2000, later purchased by Oracle, and Steelbrick, later purchased by Salesforce.

With over 100 years of collective experience in the CPQ space, out founding management team has poised us to continue building a legacy we started long before

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Filling the Consumerization Gap

We're Founded to Eliminate High-Touch Selling

Legacy sales and commerce technologies have gaps that are holding businesses back. We know there is a faster, simpler way to go to market. 

No matter what industry you’re in, your buyers and your sellers expect their experience to match the very best consumer experience . The demands on technology are higher than ever, and our mission is to create a buyer experience that users trust to make buying and selling easy.

Venture Capital BACKED

We're Backed by Industry Experts

Our investors are more than investors, they are our partners who invest in our success. Our seed funding round was led by Salesforce Ventures and High Alpha, both with proven track records of success in building highly successful technology companies, many in the sales and commerce categories. 

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The LOGIK Core Values That Guide Us

Our compass for how we work, how we build, and how we grow.

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Lead with Innovation

We do so fearlessly, stretching boundaries and status quo perceptions to deliver cutting-edge, incomparable sales solutions that make our customer’s lives easier.

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Optimize 1%

To our employees, clients and partners, we promise +1% improvement on every project, initiative and interaction. With everything we do, we commit to learn from the experience and continuously grow.

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Give First

We do so ethically, with a 1-1-1 promise at our core: to our community, we promise +1% of our time, +1% of our product and +1% of our founding equity.

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Invest in Each Other

We're all in this for the same reason: to work together to bring tremendous value to our customers, and to have fun along the way. Which is why we value focusing on attacking problems and solutions, not each other, and collaborating together to make great things happen.

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Keep Customers First

We do so happily, firm in our belief that’s truest success comes from that of our clients. Ultimately customer success equals our success.

Add A Little Logic to Your Life.

We're always looking to grow our team.