ServiceNowHeader For ServiceNOW Enhance CX and Drive More Revenue with Configuration & Guided Selling

Configure, price, and sell more when you launch from your ServiceNow customer workflow tools.

Drive & Manage Revenue

Configure, Price, & Sell in Any Channel


Empower reps to sell even your most complex products.

Enable your service, field, and sales reps to accurately and quickly configure, price, and sell every product on the fly.


Deliver consistent experiences across every touchpoint.

Extend ServiceNow's system of action with an advanced configuration and guided selling engine for the entire quote-to-cash lifecycle.


Streamline and connect your front, middle, and back office.

Ensure order, pricing, and production data flows seamlessly up and downstream between systems including CRM, eCommerce, and ERP.




Our interactive guided product demos allow you to see complex configuration on your own terms.

End-to-End  Revenue Management

Turn All Your Customer Workflows into a Revenue Engine

Selling makes it simple to quote and manage orders for any and every product, no matter how complex. The powerful configurator and guided selling experience integrates directly with the newly introduced ServiceNow product catalog, quotes, opportunities, and order management objects.


Supporting enables service agents to more effectively manage, update, and configure customer orders, add-ons, and reorders on the fly with an intuitive guided product configuration experience launched directly within ServiceNow. 


Servicing supports ServiceNow-enabled field service agents to provide precise and customized configurations for products or services based on customer requirements and the specifics of installed products. can also match the appropriate field service agents with the required skills, equipment, and time needed for a given project.


"We see as an integral way for ServiceNow customers to  streamline their entire customer journey, from sales, customer service, and field operations to improve efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experiences."

Jorge Watson
SVP, The Whole Group

End-to-End Revenue Management

Turn All Your Customer Workflows into a Revenue Engine


Advanced Logic Engine

Making selling, servicing, and fulfilling even your most complex products simple with's advanced rules engine. handles advanced calculations, multi-dependency rules, exception rules, and more to ensure no matter what you're selling, or who's selling it, it can be configured and priced quickly.

The Flexibility to Sell Your Products Through Any Channel


Smart Guided Selling

Ensure that everyone who interacts with your customer has what they need to price and sell the right products at the right times. Using's guided sellings capabilities is like giving every seller, customer service rep, and field agent a product and pricing expert with them everywhere they go, so anyone can sell to any customer through any channel.


Automated Data Flows

Get order data from any channel, and pass that data downstream- automatically. When any rep creates a quote or order, automates the creation of bill-of-materials, service BOMs, provisioning data, etc. to flow to other ServiceNow tolls or to your ERP, CRM, and any other system.

AdvancedLogicEngine_Handle Any Complexity Without Limitations


Point-and-Click Administration

With’s intuitive user interface, you can speed up your time to market for even your most complex or varied product offerings. Add new configurable products to with just a few clicks. With fewer redundancies and a single set of rules to maintain, your product and website teams will work more cohesively and more efficiently.

See for ServiceNow

Watch a video demo of how works with ServiceNow customer workflows. 


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