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Quote & Sell Your Complex Manufacturing Products Across Every Channel Faster & Easier  


Logik.io's configuration engine has the power to generate sales and manufacturing BOMs for even your most complex products.

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Uncomplicate How Manufactured Products Are Configured & Sold

Logik.io's advanced logic engine is uniquely capable of handling configuration for any product complexity for every type of manufacturer.

Discrete Manufacturing

Whether you sell machines, equipment, vehicles, electronics, furniture, or anything in between, Logik.io ensures your reps and buyers can configure every nuanced variation perfectly.  Do it with expert  product guidance embedded in the experience, and a BOM output on the back end to streamline operations. 

Logik.io makes it easy for process manufacturers to configure all their products no matter how complex the calculations and formulas required might be.  

Logik.io ensures the orders your sellers configure in our system are always compliant with industry regulations and standards related to safety, quality, environmental impact, and any other compliances.  

ETO products are complex and customizable by nature.  Logik.io is built to handle any degree of ETO complexity, including complex calculations, dependencies, and specifications, and does it with flexibility to handle any range of product configurations and variations, unlike any other CPQ solution. 

Logik.io seamlessly integrates with Visualization, CAD, PLM, ERP and other tools required to sell and build ETO products effectively.  Logik.io also outputs perfectly configured BOMs with every quote to pass downstream

Logik.io's attribute-based configuration architecture perfectly suits CTO products with modular architecture, and with pre-designed modules or components that can be combined in various ways.

Our solving engine (advanced version of rules engine) gives all the flexibility needed to support the complex range of configuration rules and scenarios of CTO products. 

Because we're built headless, we make it easy to connect to Commerce, ERP, MRP, CRM, and all your systems needed to ensure seamless workflows and data sharing.


Logik.io perfectly supports businesses selling structures and building materials with flexibility they need to sell all the possible variations of products. 

Logik.io is able to handle a wide range of product options and configurations, including materials, sizes, exact measurements, specifications, and multi-dependency rules and scenarios without sacrificing performance thanks to our advanced logic engine.  

Integrate Logik.io seamlessly with visualization tools and CAD tools to ensure buyers are able to configure the exact structure they need. 

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Logik.io is Built to Handle the Selling Complexity That No One Else Could Handle 


No More Configuration Limitations

Logik.io's advanced solving engine technology and rules architecture was specifically built to give manufacturers the last tool they'll ever need for their advance configuration needs. 

Our solving engine approach lets us process highly complex configurations with thousands of rules, dependencies, and calculations, instantly.  

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Point & Click Admin

Introduce products faster

You could spend millions custom developing workarounds to your existing configurator. And then spend more untangling it when introducing new products or requirements change.  

Or, you use Logik.io’s productized out-of-the box point-and-click admin tools that eliminate the need for custom dev, and accelerate new product introduction.


Dynamically generate Manufacturing BOMs on the Fly

Still using an old school ERP configurator to generate BOMs? Logik.io gives you the only configurator you need to generate separate Sales BOMs and Manufacturing BOMs dynamically, all in one tool.  Easily pass data to downstream systems to simplify back office processes. 

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Sell Everywhere

Expand the product lines you can sell online

Most manufacturers are limited to only selling their simpler products online.  Logik.io unlocks the rest of your catalog and expands your digital footprint, so you can make it easy to sell even your most complex products online. 


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Logik.io Enables StormTrap to Engineer to Order via Assisted Sales and Self-Service Offerings


Customer Success Story

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