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Point & Click Admin. What a Relief.

It doesn’t need to be so complicated. administration was built for business users to manage easily, with less scripting.

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Learn How Cosmo AI’s FunctionAssist Makes Even the Most Complex Rules Simple to Write’s AI Assistant gives admins the ability to write complex rules with the simplicity of point and click. Ask Cosmo AI for the rule function in plain English and he will return script in the correct syntax in seconds. 

DO LESS WORKGet time back to focus on more than configuration saves you and your team setting up, managing, and troubleshooting.

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We Make Making the Rules Simple

Our point and click rule builder lets you create new rules and update existing ones in seconds.  No more custom scripting or scanning through dozens of lines of codes to make configuration rules work. Built for business admins so you can make updates and new introductions faster. 


Import, Setup, and Update Data Faster’s Matrix Loader is as easy as using Excel or Google Sheets.  Literally.  

Use our excel templates to import all your data in a simple streamlined format for all your fields, options, rules, data tables, and more.  Make migrating from your old systems quicker. 

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Build Flexible Experiences

Spin Up Layouts in Minutes’s Layout Wizard takes you through a step by step guided process to build the perfect configuration layout that fits your users needs.  No need for custom workarounds, we give you the flexibility to customize and create with code. 


Manage Relationships & Troubleshoot Faster Hyperjump gives you a visual representation of the relationships between your fields and rules to make them easier to manage. Flight Path gives you the tools to do a live real-time troubleshooting of your configuration by making selections and getting step-by-step visibility into which rules are triggered each time. 

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Reduce Redundant Work

Global Fields & Rules Built for Reusability

Build rules and fields once, use them everywhere.  We treat rules and fields globally so you never need to do the redundant work of creating something over and over again.  Get time back. 


API-First Means Less Integration Hassle

Our APIs are simple to work with and allow you to do more with less effort.  Don’t deal with complex integration setup and maintenance common for other CPQ solutions. 

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StormTrap Saves Streamlines Their Sales Processes With

“’s streamlined development and seamless integration into our Salesforce CRM made this solution a great choice for us.” - Katie Friend, Process Development Specialist at StormTrap