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Handle Any Complexity Without Limitations

Our advanced solving engine intelligently processes thousands of rules instantly so we can handle your most complex products, without slowing you down.

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Intelligent Rule Processing Drives Frictionless Experiences

Our "solving engine" approach processes rules more efficiently than traditional "rules engines" leading to better performance and more power

Commerce-Ready Experience & Performance

Provide an end user experience that’s fast, convenient, and instantaneous.  Just as they expect from their commerce experiences.

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How Logik.io's Solving Engine Makes a Difference

Pitfalls of "Rules Engines"

Traditional “rules engines” process rules linearly, meaning there is a hierarchy of rules that run in a particular order.  

More Admin Work

You need to dictate the exact order of rules and rule hierarchies

Slower System Performance

It takes time to process rules lower in the rule hierarchy, causing the "spinning wheel" 

Complexity Limits

It struggles to handle lots of rules or highly complex rulesets with lots of dependencies and calculations

Benefits of Solving Engines

Solving engines like ours intelligently process rules so that only relevant rules are processed for any given user selection.  

Streamlined Setup & Admin

You need to dictate the exact order of rules and rule hierarchies

Lightning Fast Performance

Faster processing of rules because only relevant ones are being processed

Supports Any Complexity

Logik.io's solving engine can handle higher volume of rules and multiple layers of dependencies
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