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Advanced Logic Engine

Handle Any Complexity Without Limitations is uniquely able to deliver fast, frictionless, and smooth configuration and guided selling experiences for any product, no matter how complex.

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Finally, a Frictionless Configuration Experience's rules engine is built to handle the configuration of intricate, complicated products- without sacrificing performance.


Configure Any Product, No Matter How Complex

  • Uniquely capable of handling 1000s of rules, complex rule dependencies, sophisticated calculations, and any advanced functions.
  • Built differently from traditional rules engines and configurators. processes rules with a "solving engine" the processes rules more efficiently.
  • Never sacrifice speed, complexity, or performance.  Get instant response time for the best end-user experience

Channel with Maximum 

  • The performance you need to extend selling and configuration logic to every channel you use, without limitations.
  • Whether you want to offer a configuration experience direct to your customers or the ability to extend customization to distributors, with you have the flexibility to do anything and the power to do everything. (Extensibility)
The Flexibility to Sell Your Products Through Any Channel
AI Makes the Logic Engine the Smartest Rules Engine

AI Makes Your Selling Guidance Even Smarter

  • Augment your own declarative guided selling rules, written by you, with approved AI auto-suggestions
  • AI SmartPredict recognizes patterns in your team's configurations and creates auto recommendations based on common selections in previous configurations.
  • A smarter way to get the optimal configuration of your products to customers even faster.

(Smart Predict)

Move Faster with Point & Click Logic & Rule Management 

  • Save your admins hours of time and all the headaches. 
  • Traditional rules engines require admins to create rule orders and hierarchies. With, rule ordering is never needed. It's smart enough to intelligently process only relevant rules to a user's selections.
  • Troubleshoot, audit, and optimize rules faster with visual rules management. (Administration)
A Tool for Admin & IT Ease of Use

"We believe this project will be the cornerstone of our evolution into the best in class experience within our industry."


Meagan Boson

VP, Business Performance @ Oldcastle