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Get the Flexibility  to Configure Every Unique Services Deal

Built flexibly to let businesses configure a wide range of services variables and options for all your agreements, projects, and estimates.

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Your Services, Our Specialty Handling Every Type of Complex Highly Customized Services Configuration

From professional services projects, managed services subscriptions, and outsourced retainer relationships, configures it all. 

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Perfectly configure your highly customized professional services project deals to meet the exact requirements of your customer. 

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Configure your complex multi-year managed services agreements and subscriptions more easily, even with highly custom deal structures and SLAs.

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BPO Services

Support quoting agreement with usage based pricing, heavy calculations needed, and multiple dependencies needed to determine scope of services. 

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Sell Perfect-Fit Services Packages, Not SKUs

With, get the confidence to not only give sellers the tools they need to configure and quote every one of your highly sophisticated products, but also that it will be done without risk of violating healthcare laws, compliance, or regulations. 

Our advanced logic engine is able to handle the complexity and put in firm guardrails to reduce risk.

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Right Quote, Right Resources, Right Projects, Right Time

Do you have complete confidence your sellers know every nuance of every product, regulation, law, and compliance they need to know?  With, you do.’s compatibility control features and real-time guidance, assistance, alerts, and recommendations give sellers a sidekick to keep them in bounds.

Input Your Project Parameters, Output Your SOW Pricing

There are thousands of variables that could affect your scope of work, and the price of that work.  All highly customizable and dependent on multiple factors.’s advanced rules and configuration capabilities make it easier than you’re used to, by prompting sellers to input the requirements of the project, running rules and logic in the background to determine the price of the project, and outputting those configured prices onto your quote.

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Guarantee Your Guarantees Are on Your Quote makes it easy to automate and include the attachments of the appropriate agreements included in your services offerings such as SLAs, OLAs, entitlements, and more.


Guided Selling

CORT Provides Perfect Fit Rentals Without Amendments Using Guided Selling’s guided selling functionality provides perfect fit solutions to increase revenue and avoid unnecessary amendments to CORT orders.