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Grow Faster with Guided Selling & Product Configuration powers product configuration, guided selling, discovery and recommendations in BigCommerce.

Simplified & Supercharged

Got Product Complexity? Experience Sales Simplicity


Present buyers with options for perfect-fit solutions.’s assisted product discovery guides buyers to perfectly tailored solutions without the need for manual searching and filtering.


Guarantee compatibility for entire solutions. allows customers to configure products, solutions, deals, and orders to meet their own unique and specific requirements.


Provide customized suggestions for your buyers.’s smart recommendations promote upsells, cross-sells, and best-fit options to increase revenue and enhance CX.


Test Drive for BigCommerce

Our guided product demos allow you to see complex configuration on your own terms.

Set Your eCommerce Experience Apart with for BigCommerce



Attribute-Based Configuration

Move beyond catalog searching to find the appropriate products and parts, and use customer requirements to drive product discovery. Leverage’s attribute-based configuration and advanced logic engine to collect customer requirements and apply rules to match them with a perfect-fit solution.


Smart Guided Selling

Put your customers in the driver’s seat, and allow them to configure products as if they are experts in your business.’s embedded guided messages and ability to surface only compatible products guarantees intelligent recommendations and suggestions, improving customer experience and increasing average order value. 



API-First Architecture is headless and composable, offering out-of-the-box integration with BigCommerce and seamless integrations with your other systems.’s API-first architecture allows you to extend a customized configuration experience to internal sales teams, distributors, and eCommerce customers using a single set of rules.


Built for Performance & Scale

With, you can deliver an unrestricted and best-in-class customer experience. BigCommerce alone cannot handle extensive product variations and does not allow for true configuration. manages any number of variants without a hard limit outside of BigCommerce so your customer experience is highly performant and you can sell every potential version of your products.

A Tool for Admin & IT Ease of Use


Point-and-Click Administration

With’s intuitive user interface, you can speed up your time to market for even your most complex or varied product offerings. Add new configurable products to with just a few clicks. With fewer redundancies and a single set of rules to maintain, your product and website teams will work more cohesively and more efficiently.



AI-Powered Configuration Recommendations

As part of's Cosmo AI suite of artificial intelligence capabilities, Cosmo SmartPredict enhances accuracy and saves end-users time by intelligently auto-suggesting options based on previous patterns.

"Our partnership with further illustrates our commitment to providing customers with access to the highest-caliber technologies and service providers available in the industry. shares our mission to help brands and retailers sell more and grow faster, and we look forward to working together to help our customers maximize success."

Russell Klein
Chief Commercial Officer, BigCommerce

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