Unlock advanced product configuration with lightning fast speeds, with Logik.io Configurator for Salesforce CPQ 

Enhance the experience and performance of your Salesforce CPQ experience, and give your reps a simplified, flexible, solution-based guided selling experience that makes configuration for complex products, simple. 

Supercharge Salesforce CPQ with Advanced Configuration Logic, Lightspeed Performance, and Completely Flexible Guided Selling UI

Make Salesforce CPQ work for your selling process, not the other way around, by letting Logik.io's Commerce Logic Engine serve as the configurator for your sophisticated products, and where you need more flexibility in your guided selling interface. 

Make configuring complicated products, simple

Guide your sales users through even the most sophisticated configuration scenarios by building advanced logic and relationships that traditional CPQ engines can't achieve or maintain.

Empower reps to sell solutions, not lists of parts

Don’t pick parts and products from a search and find list. Give sales reps the tools to give customers exactly what they need by leveraging Logik.io's solution-oriented guided selling engine.

Commerce-like experience and performance

Say goodbye to load times, wait times, and asking reps to take extra steps. Give your sales users split second response times without the need for “save” and “update” buttons

Manage all your data in Salesforce, not an add-on

Make what you already have in Salesforce, better. Keep all of your products, data, and administration inside Salesforce with a common data model, and layer Logik.io on top.

From rigid part-picking, to intuitive solution-based guided selling

Guided selling shouldn't be about filtering down long lists of parts and products.  It's about empowering reps with an intelligent experience that effectively guides them to configure solutions that exactly solve for customer needs and requirements.  No matter how advanced or sophisticated.


"Too complicated" is no longer an issue

Products with sophisticated configuration logic, rules, and relationships used to require custom workarounds, scripting, and development.  Logik.io erases the need for any of it, and makes the complicated, simple, for sellers and admins.  

Logik.io's proprietary commerce logic engine is built to process thousands of rules instantaneously, meaning no product is to advanced, and every configuration experience is lightning fast. 


When Logik.io augments the "C" of Salesforce CPQ, sales sells more, and your technical teams maintain less

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Sales Teams

Deliver guided selling experiences tailored to empower reps to configure exactly what customers need

Logik.io's flexible guided selling interface coupled with its impossible-to-match speed and performance means your reps won't ever run into roadblocks, and will be equipped to sell more, and sell faster. 

Sales & Revenue Operations

Architect powerful yet simple configuration experiences for your sales teams, and leave the headaches and workarounds behind.  Logik.io's administration is built directly within Salesforce, and built to enables business admins to create end-to-end product configurations with little to no code or technical help.

IT & System Administrators

Maintain less.  That's what Logik.io is all about.  Say goodbye to complicated custom-coded workarounds to maneuver CPQ to work for you business needs.  Logik.io was built with a powerful yet simple administration portal that fills the gaps where heavy technical work used to be necessary.  


Logik.io is a proud Salesforce ISV Partner and the best "C" for CPQ in the AppExchange

We're not only built on Salesforce, using the Salesforce data model, but we partner with Salesforce to ensure our customers get the most out of the Salesforce Revenue Cloud technology. 


Interested in taking your CPQ experience into the next generation?