Configuration for medical device equipment can be complicated. Not with Logik.io

For medical device manufacturers, everything you do is risky and complex. Logik.io is here to simplify how you sell in a high-risk high-complexity environment. Our Commerce Logic Engine empowers your team with flexible guided selling experiences in CPQ and in self-service applications to ensure reps can easily sell exactly what healthcare professionals need, within the right rules and regulations, every time.



Make selling sophisticated medical device products simple, for your reps and your buyers

Your products are sophisticated, guidelines and regulations are strict, and both are changing constantly. With Logik.io, deliver a guided selling experience with step-by-step prompts in CPQ to configure even your most complicated products, so customers get a quote for exactly what they need as quickly as possible.


Eliminate weeks of process when new regulations or product innovations are introduced

Don’t let legacy sales tools hold you back. Reduce custom scripting and redundant work in CPQ that typically makes new products slower to introduce. Logik.io is built with low-code and no-code admin capabilities that make introducing new products and updates faster, simpler, and more efficient, so you can get innovations to market faster, and win more business.



Consumerize the way you sell. Give buyers the option to self-serve and configure your products to fit their needs on their own

Your healthcare buyers barely have time for your sales reps as is. Give them the tools to complete as much of the purchasing process as they want on their own time. Use Logik.io’s headless Commerce Logic Engine to power customized selling experiences over any digital application with a perfectly tailored guided selling experience that helps them get what they want and need, and gives you a leg up on the competition.

Down to the nitty gritty: here’s how we’re built better for Med Device manufacturers


Advanced logic engine for speed & complexity

Logik.io’s proprietary solving engine intelligently processes selling and configuration rules more efficiently than a classic “rules engine” used by classic configurators and CPQ tools, delivering the speed and handling the higher complexity necessary for medical device manufacturers.


Guided selling to create the best experiences

Flexibility to customize selling and buying experiences in any layout you choose gives reps and buyers intelligently guided experiences that makes selling complex equipment simpler.


Headless architecture for omni-channel selling

We’re system agnostic. Power omni-channel experiences across any front-end UI, including digital commerce or any self-service application to expand selling streams and flexibility.


Productized rule builder to reduce scripting

Let business admins simply and easily add and amend rules and logic. No custom scripting or coding, less technical resources necessary, all out-of-the-box.


Visual logic management for faster updates

Easily visualize your product configuration relationships and jump to the exact rule or field you need to edit in just seconds. Take hours out of your process when new regulations or new product innovations are introduced.

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