Make Complex Selling Simple

Give Salesforce CPQ the Power to Configure All Your Products

Unblock the limitations, and ensure sales reps know exactly what to quote and how to quote it with guided product discovery, solution selling, and advanced configuration logic.

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Go From Limited to Uninhibited with was created to fill the key gaps of CPQ, and help you sell smarter.

Quote Line Limits? custom Bill of Materials object reduces quote lines needed for any configuration.

Performance Issues?’s intelligent solving engine was built to process rules and configurations with lightning speed, no matter how complex.

Complex Rules?’s is built with low-code and no-code admin features to handle any level of complexity, with lower admin effort.

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Where does make the most impact for Salesforce CPQ customers?

For some businesses, Salesforce CPQ alone does the trick— but for others, you need a Commerce Logic Engine with advanced configuration capabilities to enhance Salesforce CPQ to address some key challenges

Salesforce CPQ + Salesforce CPQ
Lightspeed Configurator Performance Performance Issues with Large or Complex Quotes
Supports Complex Rules & Dependencies Some Performance Limits
Supports Complex Calculations Not Natively
Handles Ramped Deals & Staggered Start Dates No
Dynamic Solution Configuration Pre-Defined Bundles
Simple for Salesforce Admins to Use Advanced Salesforce Skills Needed
Flexible Configuration UI/UX Limited
Native BOM Object No
Native Provisioning/ Downstream Data Object No

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Make Salesforce CPQ work for your selling process 

Give your sales reps the guidance to discover, configure, and sell every product, no matter how complex AND eliminate painful administration. 

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Smart Guided Selling

Empower Reps to Sell Perfect-Fit Solutions, Not SKUs

The days of searching through endless product SKUs are over. Give your sales reps the tools to deliver customers exactly what they need by leveraging’s solution-oriented guided selling engine. 

Advanced Logic Engine

Make Selling Complex Products Simple

Most CPQ solutions on the market can’t handle complex or highly customized product configurations, unless you custom code. Then you end up with a complicated web of custom development, poor performance, or both. supercharges your Salesforce CPQ configuration experience to configure and sell all your products no matter how complex, with split-second performance for sales, and a massive reduction in admin effort required. 

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Maintain Less & Unify operations 

Built for Salesforce Admins to Own & Operate's powerful administration interface sits inside Salesforce, allowing your business to maintain less and go to market faster by managing all products and data in one place while leveraging the Salesforce data model.

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Is + Salesforce Right for My Business?

For some businesses, Salesforce CPQ alone does the trick— but for others, you need a Commerce Logic Engine with advanced configuration capabilities to enhance Salesforce CPQ to address some key challenges

Need for Improved Performance & Speed

Built to perform with “commerce-like” speed and experience for your reps, no matter how sophisticated your rules or products. No saving or updating necessary.

High-Volume of Product Rules & Options

Unblock limitations caused when your sales tools can’t handle the sophisticated product rules and extensive options you have. supports any amount of rules and options without sacrificing performance

Omni-Channel Selling

Selling isn’t linear. Extend your selling and product logic to any interface with any layout to enable self-service and omni-channel selling experiences wherever your reps or customers need them.

Customer Story Enables StormTrap to Engineer to Order via Assisted Sales and Self-Service Offerings

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See How Can Make Salesforce CPQ Work for Your Selling Process 

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Sales representatives sells more and technical teams maintain less with implementation.

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"We're extremely excited to see innovate with Salesforce Revenue Cloud. We're confident that with this round of funding from Salesforce Ventures, will continue to propel digital transformation in the CPQ space."
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EVP, Salesforce Revenue Cloud

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Read about how is prepared to enhance the Salesforce RLM experience. 

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We're Built on Salesforce

We are a proud Salesforce ISV Partner and the best "C" for CPQ in the AppExchange. We're not only built on Salesforce, using the Salesforce data model, but we partner with Salesforce to ensure our customers get the most out of the Salesforce Revenue Cloud technology.