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Complex Technologies.

Complex Deal Structures.

Make Selling It Simpler.


For companies selling subscription software, complex technology products, and especially those selling both, was built for you.

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Sell technology solutions, not SKUs.

From SaaS subscription products, to complex data security and networking solutions, and everything in between, is here to help your reps sell perfect-fit solutions and deal structures. 



From Complex Products to Complex Deals, We Help You Configure It Out



Easily configure complex deal structures 

When subscription deals have complex structures like ramps, staggered starts, multi-dimensional quoting, and more, many quoting tools fail. was built to make it easy to configure the perfect-fit subscription products every time, no matter how customized.

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Match Customers to Perfect-fit Hardware Products

Your innovative tech hardware products have dozens if not hundreds of variations and customization options to fit your buyer’s exact needs. lets you collect those customer requirements, and match the best-fit variation to their needs seamlessly.  


Seamlessly Configure Services Packages as Part of the Sale

All your tech products likely come with services.  Sometimes, services can be even more complicated than the tech. was built to handle both so you can keep all your quoting in once place, and quote both together as a solution. 

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Complex Technologies Need An Answer, Look To

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Quote perfect combinations of hardware, software, and services

You have a combination of physical products, services, and software solutions that you want your teams to sell as solutions.  Make it simple for them to sell complete solutions for customer needs, with guided solution configuration in
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Customer Story Transforms Keysight Technologies Digital Strategy 

Keysight chose to streamline configuration for all their tech products, software, and services and see a 40% reduction in quoting time.