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We made the original rules for CPQ & QTC.
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2000 Founders Start BigMachines

Business grows to $72MM in revenue with hundreds of key accounts.

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BigMachines is Acquired by Oracle

BigMachines fills critical gap in Oracle's CX strategy.

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SteelBrick is Purchased by Chairman

Business rapidly grows to nearly 400 customers.

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SteelBrick is Acquired by Salesforce

Revenue Cloud becomes a market leader with Salesforce CPQ.

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2021 is Founded by CPQ Veterans

Fills the missing "C" for Salesforce and pioneers headless configuration for E-commerce with "Lightspeed" performance.

ISO 27001 Certified Enterprise Trust & Security has successfully obtained the ISO 27001 certification, reinforcing our commitment to providing exceptional data security and privacy practices

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Building New Innovations Based on our Old Ones


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