Logik.io Live is back with the second installment of CPQ&A. Hosted by our VP of Marketing and Business Development, Blake Grubbs, CPQ&A is a video series highlighting industry experts in conversation around market trends and hot topics.

This week, Logik.io features Ingmar Hermans, Senior Managing Partner Consultant at Walpole Partnership, for a 20-minute deep dive into attribute- and product-based configuration solutions. 

The differences between product-based and attribute-based configurators are well-known to us here at Logik.io – we put together The Configuration Guide for the explicit purpose of helping you determine which is the optimal solution for your business.

But Hermans’ expertise leaves him uniquely qualified to discuss what he calls the two most important components of a product configurator: accuracy and cycle time.

Drop in on our second installation to see exactly what Hermans has to say about ensuring accuracy in a timely manner, and how Logik.io can help support that process.