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Goodbye SKU searching. Hello guided discovery.

Every second it takes a buyer or seller to find products, the chances of converting decreases. assisted discovery is here to help.

Woodland Eases Discovery with Better Product Organization

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'With, we're able to organize the information without manual manpower, that instead comes from a unified strategy and approach to our business needs."

Tyler Decker
Director of Technology
Woodland Direct

Guided Selling

Assisted Discovery Guides Users to Perfect-Fit Products Based on Buyer Needs 

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Remove the burden of buying

Ask What Buyers Need, Don't Make Them Look

If someone walked into your store, would you ignore them, or ask them what they need help with? Most companies put the burden on customers to find the products that fit their needs without much help. But most buyers don’t know your products inside and out (and neither do your sellers). makes it easy on both, by enabling you to ask general needs and requirements, and matching perfect-fit products. 

Intelligent Product Assistant

Embed Expert Selling Assistance into Every Sale

Whether it’s your sellers who need help finding the best-fit products and solutions for your customers, or your customers looking on their own, everyone could use some assistance when it comes to buying complex products. lets you embed expert selling assistance that makes sure you get to the best products every time. 

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Good-Better-Best Suggest

Use Intelligence to Recommend Options Based on Needs

Everyone wants options. Collect buyer needs and requirements to drill down into suggested best-fit products and solutions that make everyone happy. 

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