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Recommendations  Based on Needs, Not Guesses lets you recommend options, upsells, & cross-sells in real time based on the customer's stated needs and requirements.

Increase Average ORDER Value

Smart Recommendations That Enhance Your Value to Your Customers


Online Product Configuration

Ulrich Drives Increased Self-Service Revenue and Sales Productivity with

Ulrich uses Threekit & to power their online configuration experience to drive a better customer experience and more online revenue.

Intelligent Recommendations

Match Customers to the Products They Need

Good-Better-Best Suggest

Input Customer Requirements,

Output Suggested Products let’s you input or collect customer requirements for your products and return best-fit product matches that will provide them the most value.. 

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Option Recommendations

Recommend Product Options & Variations

Sometimes your customer might know the exact type of product they need. Other times, you can provide guidance and consultation to help get them the best version of what they need.’s intelligent recommendations can help. 

  • Push recommendation messages and alerts based on user selections
  • Auto-select options based on selections in the configuration process
  • Auto-select products to add to cart based on selections made in the configuration process

Upsells & Cross-sells

Add Value with Complementary Product Suggestions

Whether its on your site for customers or in the quoting process for sellers, helps to add more value to the purchase by recommending complementary products that fit your customer’s needs.

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Product Feature

Learn How's Cosmo AI Enhances Product Recommendations

When users are consistently configuring similar products, Cosmo remembers.

Save end-users time quoting by intelligently auto-suggesting and predicting choices based on previous selections.

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