Here at Logik.io, we proudly employ some of the configure, price, quote industry’s foremost innovators and thought leaders. With over 100 years of combined CPQ experience, our team can truly say they’ve been around the block – and prove it. 

Our newest project, Commerce Consults, is a channel through which we can showcase that expertise in real-life settings. Each installation of Commerce Consults will take a look at a current configuration-based eCommerce environment, with one of our in-house experts acting as a prospective buyer. 

As our expert du jour navigates the site from the shopper’s point of view, they’ll provide commentary, recommendations, observations and suggestions on any possible areas of improvement – all with the holistic consumer experience in mind.

Our debut episode aims the spotlight on Daktronics, a leader in the design and manufacturing of digital display signs. Whether they’re fabricating dynamic billboards for advertisers or arena-scale scoreboards for professional sports teams, Daktronics allows for multiple levels of product customization that makes their offerings applicable to myriad use cases. 

With Logik.io’s Director of Product Management & Customer Experience, Chris Haussler, in the driver’s seat and VP of Marketing & Business Development, Blake Grubbs, facilitating the Commerce Consult itself, this introductory installation will showcase exactly what the current Daktronics configuration experience looks like from the buyer’s perspective.

In less than 20 minutes, you can follow along with Haussler and Grubbs as they go through the sales experience, and find out just how close Daktronics is to providing a top-tier eCommerce environment. 

If you’d like to submit your company for consideration to receive a Commerce Consult of your own, email emma@logik.io to start the process.