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When your CPQ and commerce solutions need help to configure it out, can help

Sell more, sell faster, and maintain less using to power guided, customizable, interactive product configuration experiences for your sales teams in CPQ and on your eCommerce site.

eCommerce Solutions

Consumerize the way you sell.

Power guided selling & product configuration experiences across commerce & CPQ gives you one centralized engine to  that powers how your solutions can and should be configured sold across all your channels, so you can build once, and create amazing selling experiences everywhere.

Explore Salesforce CPQ Use Case

Explore eCommerce Use Case

CPQ Product Configuration
Salesforce CPQ

Create fast and flexible selling experiences your sellers and buyers require

No matter how sophisticated your products may be, or how you want to present the selling experience (in CPQ or on your site), get the flexibility and performance to deliver the lightning fast guided experiences your sales reps and end customers expect.

Make creating configurable product experiences powerful, not overpowering

Managing product rules and recommendations  doesn’t need to be a technical headache anymore. Say goodbye to custom development and scripting, and get the solution that makes product and selling logic easier to manage, less costly to maintain and scale, and delivers the stellar selling experiences sellers and buyers demand. Rules Engine

Built with the flexibility to power CPQ & commerce selling experiences across industries



Make your sophisticated manufacturing products simple for sellers to sell and buyers to buy.



Give your tech sellers a solution-based guided selling experience to configure and sell the perfect set of products and services that fit your customer’s needs.

Medical Devices

Med Device & Life Sciences

Everything you do is risky, complex, or both. is here to simplify how you sell in a high-risk high-complexity environment.

Business services

Business Services

Your services aren’t SKUs. But CPQ wants them to be SKUs. Don’t get SKU’d. Get

consumer products

Consumer Products

Deliver the customizable product buying experiences that you can’t deliver in your existing commerce solutions, to win more customers.

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Balagnesh Krishnamurthy | Sr. Director of Global Applications and Transformation

Keysight Technologies

"We want to be the best at understanding what customers are trying to achieve, and translating those needs into the products, services, and software we have to enable those solutions. To accomplish this requires continuous value improvement within our systems, and is going to be a big part of that”