Taking a look at the modern eCommerce landscape, it’s clear that configuration is carrying notable weight for buyers and administrators alike. More and more businesses are implementing CPQ software solutions to properly support a configuration-forward experience in attempts to match the market climate.

The right solution should support the entirety of the shopping experience, down through order submission and fulfillment. BIlls of material, or BOMs, are an integral part of successful fulfillment, but don’t often get the attention they deserve.

In the final installation of our three-part Logik Talks series with Pierce Washington Director of Solutions Engineering for Salesforce Practice, John Lehrkind, we take a look at provisioning BOMs and the value of specifically segmenting out information for different audiences. 

To see Lehrkind demonstrate how Logik.io directly supports accurate and timely provisioning BOM generation, tune in to the 10-minute walkthrough, now live as part of our larger Resource Library. 

And for the full Logik Talks experience, be sure to head back and catch the first two videos in the series. 

In the first installation of the discussion and demo, Lehrkind pulls back the curtain on complex product configuration as supported by our commerce logic engine. 

Following that, the second installation sees Lehrkind and our VP of Marketing and Business Development, Blake Grubbs, narrow in on the manufacturing industry and ways in which CPQ operation specialists can rethink their tech stacks with Logik.io. 

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