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Salesforce Partnership + Salesforce
We're Better Together

Over the past decade, Salesforce product leadership evaluated the market to find a best-fit innovative partner for CPQ & Commerce configuration... they couldn't find one, so they called up our founders to make it happen.


Timeline + Salesforce Together

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2000 Founders Begin Salesforce Relationship with BigMachines

  • CEO & Exec Chairman founded BigMachines, a leading CPQ solution developing into one of the largest Salesforce ISV partners.


2014 Chairman Godard Abel Purchases Steelbrick

  • exec chairman buys Steelbrick and creates CPQ native to Salesforce platform
  • Eventually sells to Salesforce for $400M- now Salesforce CPQ

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2021 + Salesforce Today

  • founded in 2021 with backing and support of Salesforce Product Team
  • receives $10M Seed fund investment led by Salesforce Ventures and High Alpha
  • Scott Dorsey, MD at High Alpha and founder of Salesforce Marketing Cloud joins board

Perfectly Aligned With

Salesforce Goals, Strategies, & Processes

To ensure we’re all marching towards the same goal, the team and Salesforce team spend a lot of time together.

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Product Teams

Weekly Strategy Sessions with Salesforce

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Sales & Customer Success Teams

Tight Alignment with Salesforce

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Roadmap & Strategic Priorities

Product Innovation Aligned to Salesforce

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More than an Integration

We're Built on Salesforce

We are a proud Salesforce ISV Partner and the best "C" for CPQ in the AppExchange. We're not only built on Salesforce, using the Salesforce data model, but we partner with Salesforce to ensure our customers get the most out of the Salesforce Revenue Cloud technology.

What we do Makes Salesforce Stronger, Faster, & More Connected


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Built natively on Salesforce platform & data model

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Connects CPQ & Commerce Cloud seamlessly

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Improves experience & reduces maintenance for CPQ & Commerce

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Chris Block

Why Trust us?

Our Founders Pioneered the Configuration Space

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