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Reduce IT Admin Costs

Do more, with less admin's point and click admin lets you be more agile, make updates and introductions faster, and spend less on tedious CPQ activities.

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Admin That Makes the Complex Simple.

Goodbye custom scripting & complicated admin processes.  
Hello to a more logical way of managing sales configurations.

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Less time on scripting, more time on experience

Unwind that big ball of scripting and throw it out. Point and click admin means less maintenance and accelerated go-to-market.

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Faster new product updates & introductions

Get your latest innovations to sales faster without system limitations holding you back.

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Global field & rule reusability means less redundant work

Reduse, reuse, recycle. No need to create the same rule twice. Build once, use anywhere.

Explore the Admin with a Guided Demo

Experience our point & click rule builder, simple to use matrix loader and more!

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Matrix Loader

Update Your Fields, Rules, Options, and All Your Other Data in Seconds

If you know Excel or Google Sheets, you know how to upload and update every component of your configurations with Take away the headache of manual updates, and make your admin's life easier.

Point & Click Rule Builder

No-code, Low-code, Less IT Load

CPQ and configuration maintenance doesn't need to be so hard. was built with point and click administration so you can spend less on maintaining CPQ, and more on supporting sales.

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Flight Path

Say "I Caught It" Before They Bought It, with Easy Audits's visual audit trail tracking and visual configuration management let you easily troubleshoot errors and identify exactly where updates or changes are needed, before anything goes wrong. 


Product Feature

Learn How's Cosmo AI Reduces Admin Costs

When users are consistently configuring similar products, Cosmo remembers.

Save end-users time quoting by intelligently auto-suggesting and predicting choices based on previous selections.

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Determine's Value
for Your Business 

Use our powered ROI Calculator to see in real time what we could bring to your business.


Customer Success Story

“’s streamlined development and seamless integration into our Salesforce CRM made this solution a great choice for us.” - Katie Friend, Process Development Specialist at StormTrap

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Explore Cosmo FunctionAssist

Take a self-guided tour of the configuration experience.