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Aug 26, 2022 3:31:23 PM | CPQ Introducing: for the Salesforce B2B eCommerce Cloud

A new CPQ feature constructed by Commerce Engine to enhance rules, relationships, and field requirements.

Vendors in the B2B eCommerce space are living through one of the most interesting markets of recent decades. Accelerated digital advancement, exceedingly “consumerized” buyers, technical innovation and more have put increasing pressure on businesses to adapt in equal measure. 

Traditional sales representatives and direct channels are falling to the wayside in favor of properly architected eCommerce environments for self-directed shoppers to navigate. Across the board, configure, price, quote software tends to serve as the scaffolding supporting such architecture. 

CPQ technology makes a lot of great things happen for users – it allows for product customization, manufacturing and sales bill of material generation, pricing updates, to begin.

As one of the leading CPQ vendors around, Salesforce has become closely intertwined with the larger concept of CPQ itself.

So, those with Salesforce B2B eCommerce built into their current tech stacks may think they’re in for smooth sailing, thanks to brand recognition and proven stability. They’re not wrong in any way, but with the addition of, they’re liable to see boosts across the board.’s Commerce Logic Engine integrates directly with Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud to augment the commerce environment by providing an intelligent and dynamic guided selling and product configuration experience on your B2B eCommerce site, so you can sell all of your products, no matter how sophisticated, and give your buyers the best possible buying experience. 

Our dynamic, targeted commerce logic engine incorporates dynamic, questionnaire-like experiences into eCommerce environments, gathering buyer requirements in real time. That information is then leveraged alongside pre-set product rules, requirements, recommendations and the like, to return an optimized solution that can be imported directly into the buyer’s cart.


More than ever, we’re seeing a shift in preference toward finding solutions as opposed to specific products. Buyers have an idea as to their final end goal, but are looking for guidance and expertise to help get them there. 

With guided selling opportunities like questionnaires and surveys, buyers will only engage with what could satisfy their needs – and even encounter bundle opportunities, cross-sells or promotions they wouldn’t have identified of their own volition.

If you were asked to pick between attribute-based or product-based configurators, would you be able to say with confidence which of the two is best? We can give you that answer in our free, downloadable Configuration Guide here:

This interactive architecture aligns with consumerized buyer expectations of speed, efficiency and personalization with little effort expended, placing your business in the perfect position to sell more, sell faster, and maintain less. 

Sell More

A strong business is always going to be looking for ways to increase their overall sales. While there’s no silver bullet to neutralize every potential sales hurdle, the duo of and Salesforce provides an overall structure that naturally and consistently lends itself to higher out-the-door sales.

Buyers only walk away with what’s in their cart at the end of the day, so making sure they have everything they could possibly need before they finalize that purchase is key. In any sales setting, be it digital or traditional, buyers are putting an inherent amount of trust in you to be the absolute subject matter experts on your offerings.

Presenting buyers with an interactive tool to gather data and contextualize their needs not only reduces the amount of preparation needed on their part to enter into a potential sale, but also allows you to highlight the most specifically aligned areas of your catalog from the onset. 

Providing a narrow, but nuanced, set of options means buyers can put their mental energy where it most matters – the products or services themselves – and save the inevitable second-guessing that comes with a self-curated order.

Businesses also have larger sets of buyer data that come from these engagements they can then use to recommend upsell, add-on, or cross-sell opportunities when the right conditions are met. Be those warranties, accessories, expedited shipping options or installation services, they’ll drop immediate value right into the buyer’s lap at the most opportune of times, with no additional action required.

Sell Faster

Yes, yes, we all know – time is money. But, as viewed through a modern lens, that translates into eCommerce settings that get buyers in and out as quickly as possible, without sacrificing experience or sales value. We can help make that happen.

Augmenting Salesforce with a tool like streamlines the guided selling process, taking no more than seconds or minutes to give shoppers a fully personalized journey through checkout. 

Stripping away the proverbial fat that is irrelevent inventory makes the most of a buyer’s time on the site, and reduces the potential for catalog fatigue or exposure to a more competitive alternative. Our attribute-based product configurator can coordinate bundles or complementary units with a single click, and for those pesky, repetitive line items, our premiere Sets functionality can deploy.

Shifting focus away from the buyer for just a moment, back end administrators can also add new items, rules, or fields without having to get into custom coding. In the same way buyers appreciate real-time responsivity, so too will your supporting teams.

See how the newest CPQ feature from, “Sets,” increases reusability and decreases maintenance for you in less than ten minutes, with our video walkthrough: Sets: A New CPQ Feature to Increase Reusability, and Decrease Maintenance

Maintain Less

Though may seem like a clear prescription to so many areas of interest for B2B businesses, there’s a lingering concern that naturally follows regarding what it truly takes to implement and maintain.

It’s for the best, then, that “easy” is our thing.

Our commerce logic engine is designed to be used out of the box, with set-and-forget style fields that you can easily scale or update as needed. As a headless configurator, can be dropped into just about any existing environment, negating the need for custom architecture just to get going.

With so many players to consider in the larger B2B eCommerce sphere, it can be tempting to forgo the needs of one in favor of the others. But, a band-aid solution that benefits buyers in the immediate can cause undue strain on IT teams and servers down the line, and vice versa. Trying to cut corners with mediocre products translates to subpar user experience for patrons, which is being tolerated less and less. offers the ability to embed its own UI within eCommerce environments, with further personalization accessible to businesses that want a more deeply-branded front to present. 

In total, the effect can have on any given industry supports our three main growth pillars: selling more, selling faster, and maintaining less. By getting the most foundational aspects of your business on a future-proofed Commerce Logic Engine software like ours, you’re putting yourself and your buyers in the fast lane to sustainable success.

We are uniquely equipped to serve B2B manufacturers, thanks to the combined expertise of our team and total dedication to your success. To see what life with could look like for you, check out  

Blake Grubbs

Written By: Blake Grubbs

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