Logik.io Launches Program Enabling Oracle CPQ Customers To Easily Migrate Rules and Configurations to Logik.io’s Configuration Engine in Salesforce CPQ

Oct 17, 2022 7:00:00 AM | Logik.io Logik.io Launches Program Enabling Oracle CPQ Customers To Easily Migrate Rules and Configurations to Logik.io’s Configuration Engine in Salesforce CPQ

Logik.io helps companies make a seamless transition to Salesforce CPQ and Logik.io in just weeks, reducing ongoing maintenance resources and costs, improving sales efficiency, and future-proofing their businesses

CHICAGO, October 17, 2022  – Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) is a critical component of a company’s commercial operations that sits between the front office and back office but these tools have historically been complicated to implement, hard to maintain, and involve a lot of complexity. Today, Logik.io, creators of Commerce Logic Engine technology powering configuration for e-commerce and CPQ experiences, announced a new program that enables Oracle CPQ customers to rapidly migrate - within weeks, not the months and years associated with traditional CPQ - from Oracle CPQ to the duo of Logik.io and Salesforce CPQ to streamline the quote-to-cash (QTC) process. 

Companies switching to Logik.io and Salesforce can expect:

  • Simplified and unified data model
  • Dramatically reduced CPQ maintenance
  • Better performance and usability
  • Eliminated complex integration processes

Companies in The Logik.io Lightspeed Migration Program can see an almost immediate reduction in operating costs and increased sales efficiency. A company that participated in the pre-launch pilot noted a 40 percent reduction in quoting time from their sales reps and an 80 percent reduction in CPQ maintenance resources after making the switch. With more companies looking to consolidate on the Salesforce platform, the program enables them to innovate, eliminate integration costs, and dramatically reduce day-to-day CPQ maintenance.

“We specifically designed Logik.io to allow easy import of data from other CPQ systems.,” said Logik.io CEO and Co-Founder Christopher Shutts,  “We know not only what it takes to perform a successful CPQ migration and implementation, but our commerce logic engine provides the advanced configuration capabilities that drive dramatic efficiency gains for sales teams and IT and ops teams”  

Leveraging CPQ expertise to streamline complex sales processes

The Logik.io Lightspeed Migration Program enables current Oracle CPQ customers to easily migrate their rules and configurations from Oracle to Logik.io’s configuration engine in Salesforce CPQ via a streamlined and automated process that: 

  • Leverages reusable attribute-based configuration architecture. Logik.io and Oracle CPQ are both built with a common “attribute-based” configuration architecture, versus the “product-based” architecture that is more common among CPQ platforms.  The commonly structured architecture means it is simpler to reuse the elements of a configuration design and schema, making the migration faster, and easier, and requiring nearly no re-creating of product or selling configuration strategy. 
  • Uses Logik.io’s robust APIs for Automated Setup. Logik.io’s API-first approach accelerates the automation of many elements of a migration and configuration setup in Logik.io, reducing the manual legwork typically required to migrate systems, and ensuring a faster and error-proof migration process.  
  • Delivers years of CPQ experience with fluency in both tools and dedicated expert services solutions with experts fluent in both tools. Logik.io’s expert services team helps lead the implementation of Logik.io and facilitates a smooth migration process.  The services team has decades of experience implementing and designing CPQ solutions and has a proven track record of successfully migrating CPQ setups into Logik.io in an efficient and effective manner. 
  • Provides an ecosystem of system integration partners trained to lead these migrations. Logik.io has a network of 40+ system implementation partners who are thoroughly trained by Logik.io’s in-house experts on how to migrate configuration setups into Logik.io successfully.  

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Logik.io’s Commerce Logic Engine helps businesses sell more effectively through their direct sales teams and digital commerce channels by consumerizing the way they sell their products with guided, flexible, and intuitive selling experiences for CPQ and eCommerce. Logik.io’s headless engine governs the logic, rules, and recommendations that direct how products can and should be configured and sold, making even the most sophisticated products simple to sell, allowing teams to sell more, sell faster, and maintain less.

Logik.io was founded by a proven team with decades of experience in the sales technology space and is backed by High Alpha and Salesforce Ventures. Learn more at logik.io.