Logik.io Enables Fike Corporation to Streamline Engineer-to-Order Product Configurations and Centralize Quote-to-Cash Process Within the Salesforce Ecosystem

Sep 20, 2022 7:45:00 AM | Logik.io Logik.io Enables Fike Corporation to Streamline Engineer-to-Order Product Configurations and Centralize Quote-to-Cash Process Within the Salesforce Ecosystem

Leading manufacturer of industrial safety solutions also plans expanded use of Commerce Logic Engine technology to support efficiency of future-state cloud initiatives

CHICAGO, September 21, 2022  -- Logik.io, creators of Commerce Logic Engine technology powering configuration for e-commerce and CPQ experiences, today announced Fike Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial safety solutions, has gone live with Logik.io to support their sophisticated engineer-to-order product configurations and bill of materials creation within Salesforce, with plans to expand to help drive future technology initiatives.

Fike chose Logik.io as part of their strategic initiative to manage more of their Quote-to-Cash processes within the Salesforce ecosystem and to more easily create detailed manufacturing bills of material for their highly configurable product lines.  Doing so also allows Fike to support orders from over 1100 Salesforce CPQ sales users, and to deliver more precise routing details for all orders.

Before Logik.io, Fike was challenged with managing multiple configurators across environments with disparate data models, which became difficult to manage. Because Logik.io works directly within the Salesforce data model, Fike was able to consolidate to a single configuration source, and Logik.io’s headless API-first architecture enabled them to easily pass manufacturing data to back office solutions like Fike’s cloud based ERP system.. 

Fike’s products and product certifications sometimes require hundreds of advanced rules and calculations to make accurate determinations and configurations. Logik.io’s proprietary solving engine was uniquely able to perform these calculations and meet Fike’s advanced logic requirements, providing a more scalable configuration solution for the future.   

“For any business that has any degree of complexity in their sales order configurations or manufacturing configuration process, Logik.io is a must-have piece of your quote-to-cash stack,” said Marty Nelson Director of Business Systems Support.  “The fact that it is native to the Salesforce platform and built headless, makes it significantly easier for our team to manage product configurations, drive efficiency, and most importantly allows us to better serve our customers.”

After Fike previously turned to fellow Salesforce ISV partners for PLM and ERP solutions in an effort to become more Salesforce-centric, Logik.io now allows the Fike team to manage another critical piece of their quote-to-cash process within Salesforce in a common platform. This gives business stakeholders a more complete 360 degree view of the customer within a single source, and eases management and administration for IT and operations teams. 

Because Fike maintains a portfolio of highly innovative and sophisticated products with sometimes thousands of variations, Logik.io’s bill of materials generation capabilities also allow the team to simplify the way they manage products, reducing SKU proliferation, and further easing administration requirements for managing product data.

Fike also indicated Logik.io was a preferred solution because it will support future innovation in their cloud technology strategy and go-to-market architecture. Specifically they plan to explore how Logik.io can enhance sales experience and efficiency for sales users in Salesforce CPQ, and support self-service e-commerce strategies.  

“Fike is a perfect example of a company that can benefit from Commerce Logic Engine technology,” said Christopher Shutts, Co-founder and CEO of Logik.io.  “The Fike team is extremely innovative and works tirelessly to build infrastructure that serves their customers in the best and most efficient ways possible, and this rollout of Logik.io is a prime example of that.”

For more information, visit fike.com or logik.io


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