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Increase Sales Efficiency

Less Time Quoting.
More Time Selling.

Eliminate the costly CPQ experience limitations. Make quoting less frustrating, less time-consuming, so you can sell more, faster, with less costs.


Make the Complex Simple

Faster more accurate quotes win more deals

Accelerate your sales cycle, eliminate sales rep frustration, and convert more quotes to orders.

Keysight Industries


Keysight Technologies Sees a 40% Reduction in Quoting Times

Keysight Technologies needed to improve sales productivity, provide a consumerized experience to their ecommerce customers, and reduce maintenance costs of CPQ and commerce. 

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Accelerate Sales by Letting Buyers Buy on Their Own

Move deals along faster, and give customers the self-service experience they want. lets you easily build self-service quote configuration experiences, so your reps can spend less time on paperwork, and more time selling.


Product Feature

Learn How's Cosmo AI Increases Sales Efficiency

When users are consistently configuring similar products, Cosmo remembers.

Save end-users time quoting by intelligently auto-suggesting and predicting choices based on previous selections.

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Determine's Value
for Your Business 

Use our powered ROI Calculator to see in real time what we could bring to your business.

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See Just How Fast It Is

Take a self-guided tour of the configuration experience.