Supercharge the power of Salesforce CPQ with lightning fast next generation configuration

Enhance the speed and quality of your CPQ experience, while keeping all of your data in Salesforce.  Add guided selling, Bill of Materials, and advanced logic into Salesforce to make your configuration more robust and lightning fast.

Attribute based

Take Your Salesforce CPQ Experience to the Next Level

Extend the capabilities of Salesforce CPQ by adding Logik.io's next generation configurator to power your complex and advanced rules and configurations in your selling process. 

Enable Complex Configuration

Easily guide your sales users through even the most complex configuration scenarios by building advanced logic and relationships that traditional CPQ engines can't achieve or maintain

Accelerate Sales with Superior Speed and Performance

Say goodbye to load times, wait times, and asking reps to take extra steps. Give your sales users split second response times without the need for “save” and “update” buttons

Leverage Existing Salesforce Data Model

Make what you already have, better. Keep all of your products, data, and overall administration inside Salesforce with a common data model, and layer Logik.io on top

Move to Feature-Based Configuration

Don’t pick parts. Sell products. Focus on selling your products with a feature based configuration experience, and let Logik take care of generating the Bill of Materials


Logik makes your Quote-to-Cash Experience easier to manage and more effective across your entire business





Sales reps are impatient.  Don't leave them waiting.

Sell more and sell faster with split second best-in-class performance and usability, even for your most complex configuration use cases.

Easier to manage, less headaches.

Use a single configurator to enable direct sales, channel sales, and self-service eCommerce experiences.  Logik.io’s advanced configuration capabilities ensure your products are configured and priced correctly every time.


Reduce systems maintenance time, effort, and costs 

Use the Logik.io configurator to consolidate and unify your data in one place, and use our advanced administration capabilities to dramatically reduce your current maintenance costs.


Flexibility to empower your teams effectively

Give your product engineering teams greater flexibility to offer exactly what your customers want.  Business users can easily maintain the configuration rules in Logik.io



Logik.io is a proud Salesforce ISV Partner

We're not only built on Salesforce, using the Salesforce data model, but we partner with Salesforce to ensure our customers get the most out of the Salesforce Revenue Cloud technology. 


Interested in taking your CPQ experience into the next generation?