Fill CPQ Gaps

Old School Configurators Have Old School Problems.

Never again suffer from slow performance, limited UI flexibility, low capacity for complex logic, or tedious administration.

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Go from CPQ-limited to uninhibited.

Break free of the old school problems of legacy CPQ and configuration tools. 

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Always fast, never slow, everywhere you go.

Never suffer from performance issues. Our advanced logic engine processes any amount of rules with any complexity in milliseconds.

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Guided experiences, intuitive layouts, bigger payouts

Flexible layout builder, headless architecture, and guided selling messaging, helps sellers sell and buyers buy.

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No-code, low-code, less IT load

Unwind that big ball of scripting and throw out. Point and click admin means less maintenance and accelerated go-to-market.

Customer Interview

Logik.io Transforms Keysight Technologies Digital Strategy 

Listen to our interview with Dan Krantz, Keysight Technologies CIO, on how Logik.io opens digital commerce possibilities.

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Advanced Logic Engine

Handle Any Logic Complexity & Selling Rules with Ease

Support the sophisticated rules and logic that make configurations nearly impossible in other tools: 

  • Multi-Dependency Rules
  • Complex Calculations
  • High-Volume of Rules
  • External Data Dependencies

Guided Selling

No More SKU Searching: Guide Sellers to the Perfect-Fit Solutions for Customer’s Needs

Don’t force sales reps to search and find every product they want to quote.  Logik.io reduces quoting time and makes it easy and guided for even your newest sellers to know exactly what to sell and when to sell it.

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Easily Extend to Every Selling Channel

Whether its performance issues, UI limitations, or difficult APIs, extending CPQ configuration to commerce or self-service has never been easy.  Now, it’s never been easier, with Logik.io’s headless engine that powers any front end selling experience.

We've got the tool for you, no matter the tools you have


Logik.io for Salesforce CPQ

Overcome limitations and give Salesforce CPQ the power to configure ALL your products, and make complex selling simpler. 


Logik.io for Oracle CPQ

Our founders built the original Oracle CPQ (BigMachines), so they know all the ways it  should be improved.  That's why Logik.io exists. 

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Logik.io for Other CPQ

Logik.io fills the gaps that made you choose a non-Salesforce CPQ solution in the first place. 

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Determine Logik.io's Value
for Your Business 

Use our Logik.io powered ROI Calculator to see in real time what we could bring to your business.

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See Just How Fast It Is

Take a self-guided tour of the Logik.io configuration experience.