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Sell anything through any channel was built from day one to make configuring and selling all your products simpler across marketing, sales, commerce, and service channels.


Omni-channel Transformation

MarineMax Increases Omni-Channel Sales with

MarineMax leverages's headless architecture to create an online configuration option for dealers and distributors.

Sell SimplerUnlock Selling Complex Products Anywhere

Built headless and API-first so you can build your experiences once, and extend them to all your selling channels.

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Headless & API-First For Ultimate Flexibility

Why are legacy applications built channel-specific? Your buyers want to buy through the channel they choose.  

Give them the experience they need by building configuration experiences in, and extending to your website, dealers, distributors, customer portals, and more.


Create Channel Consistency

Now, your buyers and sellers get a similar product buying experience over any channel they choose.  You build it once, extend it to your different channels, and convert more buyers. 

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Use Our Native UI, Or Bring Your Own

The choice is yours. comes out of the box with our own native UI that you can use and embed into any experience and any channel.  Or, use as the engine, and build your own body.  Our API-first nature makes it simple to plug into your custom UI.


Product Feature

Learn How's Cosmo AI Supports Omni-Channel Sales

When users are consistently configuring similar products, Cosmo remembers.

Save end-users time quoting by intelligently auto-suggesting and predicting choices based on previous selections. FOR E-COMMERCE PRODUCT TOUR

Take A Guided Demo to See How Enhances E-Comm Experiences