Modernizing Commercial Operations: The Future of Omni-Channel Distribution

Aug 23, 2022 11:37:58 AM | Omnichannel Selling Modernizing Commercial Operations: The Future of Omni-Channel Distribution

Salesforce took some time to highlight Commerce Engine's most recent client success story – that of Keysight Technologies – via webinar.

When it comes to Configure, Price, Quote software, features and offerings that used to meet basic needs for buyers simply aren’t yielding the same levels of satisfaction. With the strong emergence of the “consumerized” buyer over the last few years, expectations have been heightened dramatically, and sellers that don’t grow to match are falling behind. 

Thanks to B2C commerce environments, buyers have gotten used to their time, preferences and overall experience being prioritized by whichever business they’re patronizing – even in B2B scenarios. 

In the face of such a paradigm shift, a then-retired Christopher Shutts identified “a big opportunity to take advanced product configuration to the next level…to create a high-performance configurator that runs on the Salesforce data model but then allows customers to do a lot of things they need to address modern selling challenges.”

That opportunity led to the creation of something the market simply didn’t have – a Commerce Logic Engine, native to Salesforce CPQ but headless in construction, with the ability to help businesses across all sectors and industries sell more, sell faster, and maintain less. 

Thus, was born, and our work in CPQ and eCommerce spheres began.

Just a few months ago, we announced the go-live of our partnership with enterprise technology company Keysight Technologies, who went live with in the Spring of 2022. With augmenting Salesforce CPQ, Keysight was able to reduce maintenance requirements by nearly 80%, while simultaneously improving customer response times by up to 40%. 

“Maintainability is a really critical part of everything we do when we think about helping our customers with a solution,” Shutts notes of’s overall construction.

Last week, both Shutts – now CEO at – and Keysight CIO Dan Krantz were hosted by Salesforce in the webinar “Modernizing Commercial Operations: The Future of Omni-Channel Distribution” to talk more about this dynamic partnership, and the success it’s already brought. 

Achuyt Jajoo, SVP & GM, Manufacturing & Automotive for Salesforce and Bill Veiga, RVP Sales for Salesforce, framed the session around a question for the audience to consider – is their current tech stack accommodating the type of complex, personalized configuration buyers reward with patronage? 

As Shutts says, buyers are “requiring near-perfect experiences when it comes to these complex commercial transactions,” putting extra pressure on sellers to provide as high a caliber of experience as possible, regardless of channel. 

But, with and Salesforce, it’s not an impossible task.

In just an hour, Modernizing Commercial Operations proves is the key to strong omni-channel environments. To access the on-demand, free webinar in full, register at 

One of the reasons Keysight was so intrigued by the and Salesforce duo was a  less-than-satisfactory experience with their prior configurator, which was actually built into their larger ERM. 

An important reminder that CPQ upgrades benefit not just buyers, but internal sales teams as well, Krantz relates how reps had to email specially designated configuration specialists to generate quotes for interested buyers, with turnaround times spanning days, if not multiple business weeks with revisions. 

But, with “some of the cool technology [Shutts] talked about – headless architecture, the solving engine, [and] the commerce logic engine,” and Salesforce helped usher in an era of near immediate quote generation for Krantz, the Keysight team, and their self-serving shoppers. 

“For them, the maintenance part that Chris was talking about – true to form, it is so much easier for us to maintain that we’re expecting to be able to scale and grow Keysight at the pace we’ve been growing without having to increase the organization that continues to do the product configurations,” Krantz says. “They’re going to be able to increase their productivity pretty substantially.”

In the era of one-click buy options and dynamic, real-time renderings, anything less simply won’t do for consumerized, discerning buyers. 

“It’s the single place to configure, both available to our internal sales team and our external customers because of the headless architecture,” Krantz explains.

Even with such a strong lift, the IT team responsible for maintaining the Logik-inclusive tech stack at Keysight is finding it easier to work with. 

“We have a whole group of people that have been…trained up on this new platform. They find it significantly more efficient and easier for them,” Krantz says. This is further supported by the overall 80% maintenance reduction reported, which was seen over a span of just two months.

It’s difficult to imagine what could have been for Keysight without the and Salesforce integration. Krantz has a strong appreciation for the partnership, and for Shutts coming out of retirement to make Logik a potential partner to begin with.

“You know, when Michael Jordan came back from retirement, he went on to win three more championships,” Krantz reminds the audience. “That’s what you’re doing here with Logik – you’re winning championships.”

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Blake Grubbs

Written By: Blake Grubbs

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