Logik.io Support Policies


Logik.io is dedicated to making our customers successful and Customer Support is a key part of that. The details of our Support Policies are outlined below.


How to get Logik.io support?

For customers and partners who purchased a Logik.io license, the most expedited way to receive support is to email us at support@logik.io. Each case is assigned directly to one of our Logik.io support agents, who will provide one-on-one guidance and troubleshooting for any reported questions or issues. 


What is our initial response time (Service Level Agreement)?

Case Type Severity Definition Standard Customer Support

Low No business impact 

No business impact
Example: How-to question
2 business day  
Monday - Friday, 7am to 6pm Central Time (Excluding Holidays) 


Little business impact

Example: Validating rules are working as expected

1 business day
Monday - Friday, 7am to 6pm Central Time (Excluding Holidays)  


Business severely impacted
Example: Logik.io UI & APIs responsive, but some products experience data or logical anomalies 
4 business hours   
Monday - Friday, 7am to 6pm Central Time (Excluding Holidays) 
Business Stopped
Example: Logik.io UI & APIs do not respond
2 hours   
24 hours a day, 7 days a week  

When is support available?

  • For non-critical cases, the support hours are Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm Central Time (Excluding Holidays)
  • For critical cases, the support hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What do we support?

Our standard support offering includes support for everything natively in the Logik.io platform.This includes, but is not limited to, Logik.io Fields, Rules, Blueprints, Managed Tables, Layouts, Matrix Loader imports and exports, standard integrations leveraging the Logik.io Salesforce Managed Package or the ThreeKit Visualization player, and Logik.io APIs used to support headless eCommerce sites.

What do I need to do when logging a case?

Provide us with as much information as possible to help diagnose the issue. We want to make sure all issues are resolved as quickly as possible, and the more information we have, the faster we can diagnose. Some things we ask for include: 

  • Case Priority (see column titles in above SLA section)
  • Issue type (error, question)
  • Application area (Field, Rule, Blueprint, Layout, Runtime UI, API, integration-with-<app>, etc.)
  • Logik.io URL and click-path where we can see the issue
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • When the issue was first noticed
  • Expected behavior
  • Any other information you feel may be relevant

How about Planned Maintenance

Logik.io schedules upgrades and routine maintenance, during which time the Logik.io application could be unavailable. Upgrades are scheduled according to the following schedule:

Sector Schedule 
Test Bi-weekly on Thursdays
Prod Bi-weekly on Friday, offset 13 calendar days after Test


Routine maintenance is scheduled 8 PM CT Friday - Sunday 5 AM CT.