Honing in on SolarWinds – Commerce Consults with Logik.io

Feb 8, 2023 3:47:11 PM | B2B eCommerce Honing in on SolarWinds – Commerce Consults with Logik.io

In this Commerce Consults with Logik.io installation, come with us as we assess the Solarwinds site usability through the eyes of our resident experts.

It’s your customer’s world.

Thanks to rapid digital advancement in the world of eCommerce, the modern buyer has the luxury of choice when it comes to the companies they patronize. More and more, businesses across sectors have started pivoting to meet – and hopefully, exceed – these new buyer preferences.

But are they succeeding? 

That’s what the Logik.io experts, with over 100 combined years of configure, price, quote expertise, are here to find out.

Commerce Consults, a Logik Live series, has our team of resident CPQ all-stars assess real world B2B eCommerce sites with a notable configuration presence through the eyes of a discerning, consumerized buyer. 

In our latest edition, Logik.io VP of Marketing, Blake Grubbs, and Director, Product Management & Customer Experience, Chris Haussler set their sights on SolarWinds, a business software development company based out of Austin, TX.

With over two decades in the market, SolarWinds has established a reputation as a stalwart, reliable resource for technology professionals working in database administration, IT operations, SecOps, and the like. They seem to have the back-end experience fully understood.

But in the current climate, there are still lingering questions about their front-end. 

Have they architected a navigable, logical experience for shoppers hitting their site? Is their configuration offering of a high enough caliber to stay competitive?

In just under fifteen minutes, you can follow along as Grubbs and Haussler uncover the answers and add in their own insight, commentary, and suggestions for the overall SolarWinds experience. 

If you’d like to submit your company to be considered for their own Commerce Consult, email emma@logik.io for more details.


Blake Grubbs

Written By: Blake Grubbs

Blake has successfully helped several high-growth tech startups build and scale marketing over the past 10 years. Held marketing leadership roles at Seismic, Drift, Alyce, and Simplr, all who successfully doubled and tripled ARR bookings during his tenure. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management from Boston University's Questrom School of Business.