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Logik.io was built to make it easy to configure, price, and quote your most sophisticated products in Salesforce, unify operations into a common platform, and switch from your legacy systems that are slowing you down. 

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Now, They are Modernizing Your CPQ with Logik.io

Logik.io’s advanced configuration capabilities is designed to work for all of your products, services, and subscriptions, no matter how sophisticated. Do it with less maintenance, better selling experience, and more support.

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Godard Abel

Co-founder & CEO of G2
Executive Chairman of Logik.io
Co-founder of SteelBrick (Salesforce CPQ)

Oracle CPQ

Oracle CPQ’s Admin Complexity Prevents Efficiency

Oracle CPQ’s Administrative Complexity Prevents Your Administrators and Your Sales Team from Working Efficiently”

Admin Ease

Logik.io’s Admin was Built with Your Needs in Mind

 See how Logik.io has been hyper-focused on serving enterprise businesses like yours with complex CPQ needs. Explore the Power and Simplicity of Logik.io’s Administration via this Guided Demo

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How we stack up

Logik.io Vs. Oracle CPQ

When evaluating configuration solutions, make sure you understand these key differences.

Oracle CPQ Logik.io

Intelligent Rules Engine for Speed & Accuracy

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Delayed by the
sequential configurator

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Complex Calculations

Oracle check 2-1 Logik.io Check Icon

Omni-Channel Extensibility
Headless & API first

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Point & Click Administration
Low code solution with intuitive design

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Requires knowledge of BML

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Visual Rule Management
Layout Wizard & Hyperjump for Ease of Administration
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Want to get a deep dive configuration comparison?

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Oracle VS Logik.io

How to Evaluate

Considerations to Make When Evaluating Logik.io & Oracle CPQ

Logik.io gets enterprise customers live in less than 4 months.  It can take other CPQ vendors 4 months to even get started.  Oracle CPQ customers have also documented a lack of support from Oracle on G2

Ask about lead times to get started on implementations.

Logik.io is completely headless and API-first, making omni-channel setup a breeze.  

Oracle CPQ has a severe lack of documentation related to omni-channel extensibility because the configurator was not intended to be leveraged for e-commerce or partner portals.

Logik.io’s solving engine can handle complex calculations and configurations with ease and out performs Oracle CPQ because it runs rules based on relevance, rather than sequentially. It also provides real time guided selling to your sales reps to ensure they are selling perfect fit solutions at speed.

Ask how your reps can minimize their time quoting and maximize the revenue per sale. 

Ask how difficult building and maintaining thousands of rules and fields will be using BML. 

Logik.io’s point and click admin does not require scripting, but does support advanced functions built with standard javascript

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Reduce quoting time and CPQ maintenance costs by switching to Logik.io

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