At Logik.io, there’s little we enjoy more than the opportunity to reflect on our work and refine our operational processes to help you sell more, sell faster, and maintain less.

As we close out fiscal year 2023 and step into the beginning of fiscal year 2024, we thought there was no better time to sit down and do just that. 

Our latest Logik Live production, now streaming live through the Logik.io YouTube channel, is a special edition fireside chat featuring Logik.io co-founder and CEO Christopher Shutts alongside Logik.io Chairman and G2 CEO Godard Abel. 

Join Shutts and Abel as they take a look back at fiscal year 2023 and the total momentum shown by Logik.io as a company. 

Highlights from the fiscal year include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • 500%+ revenue growth
  • $25B average market cap of customers
  • +400,000 configuration sessions 
  • 110% increase to company headcount

Hear what our experts have to say about these year-defining numbers and what's yet to come in just under 20 minutes, today.