Logik.io for Salesforce RLM

Give Salesforce Revenue Lifecycle Management the Power to Configure All Your Products

Combine Salesforce RLM and Logik.io to improve the administrative experience and help your sales reps sell perfect fit solutions with Logik.io's advanced logic engine and embedded guided selling.

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Logik.io makes the transition to Salesforce RLM Seamless

Leverage Logik.io to Extend Configuration Anywhere

Whether you’re sticking with Salesforce CPQ for now, making the switch to RLM, or unsure about your plan, Logik.io has you covered. 


Sell Smarter & Without Restrictions

Logik.io was created to remove configuration obstacles and speed up time to market.

Quote Line Limits?

Reduce quote lines for every configuration with Logik.io's custom Bill of Materials object 

Performance Issues?

Process rules and configure solutions, regardless of complexity, without delays using Logik.io’s advanced logic engine. 

Complex Rules?

Increase admin productivity with Logik.io’s low-code and no-code admin features built to handle any level of complexity.

the Logik.io difference

How does Logik.io give Salesforce RLM customers an edge? 

 Salesforce Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM) alone can handle simple CPQ use cases, but Logik.io's advanced configuration capabilities address the needs of high volume, complex, and omnichannel sellers.

Salesforce RLM Logik.io + Salesforce RLM
Lightspeed Configurator Performance Performance Issues with Large or Complex Quotes
Supports Complex Rules & Dependencies Some Performance Limits
Supports Complex Calculations Not Natively
Handles Ramped Deals & Staggered Start Dates No
Dynamic Solution Configuration Pre-Defined Bundles
Simple for Salesforce Admins to Use Advanced Salesforce Skills Needed
Flexible Configuration UI/UX Limited
Native BOM Object No
Native Provisioning/ Downstream Data Object No

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Enhance Salesforce RLM for Revenue Generation & Administration

Sell perfect fit solutions by embedding true guided selling into an attribute based configurator AND eliminate painful administration. 

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Smart Guided Selling

Enable Reps to Sell Solutions, Not SKUs

Rather than scrolling through an endless catalog of SKUs, guide reps to deliver customers exactly what they need by leveraging Logik.io’s solution-oriented guided selling engine. 

Advanced Logic Engine

Simplify Admin & Selling Complex Products w/o Limitations

Other CPQ solutions require custom development to handle complex or highly customizable product configurations. The administration becomes messy and difficult to maintain, and speed of configuration suffers.

Logik.io supercharges your Salesforce RLM configuration experience to configure and sell all your products no matter how complex, with split-second performance for sales, and a massive reduction in admin effort required. 

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Maintain Less & Unify operations 

Built with Salesforce Admins in Mind

Go to market faster by leveraging Logik.io's powerful administration interface inside Salesforce. Admins will work more efficiently and collaboratively by maintaining a single system on the Salesforce data model for all products. 

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Logik.io for Salesforce RLM

Is Logik.io + Salesforce Right for My Business?

Logik.io's advanced logic engine, best in class performance, and embedded guided selling improve every configuration experience, but they are best suited for complex and highly customizable configurations. 

Need for Improved Performance & Speed

Logik.io will respond with real-time updates without the need to manually save or press an update button. Expect “commerce-like” speed and experience for your reps, regardless of the complexity of your products. 

High-Volume of Product Rules & Options

Configure without limitations you've come to expect when configuring complex rules and extensive options. Logik.io supports boundless rules and options without slowing down performance. 

Omni-Channel Selling

Allow eCommerce customers and distributors to configure your products via self-service without limiting product offerings. Logik.io's API-first architecture extends configurations anywhere reps and customers need.

Customer Story

Logik.io Enables StormTrap to Engineer to Order via Assisted Sales and Self-Service Offerings

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See How Logik.io Can Make Salesforce CPQ Work for Your Selling Process 

Who Logik.io Impacts

Increase sales rep productivity and decrease the administrative team's headaches. 
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More than an Integration

We're Built on Salesforce

We are a proud Salesforce ISV Partner and the best "C" for CPQ and RLM in the AppExchange. We're not only built on Salesforce, using the Salesforce data model, but we partner with Salesforce to ensure our customers get the most out of the Salesforce Revenue Cloud technology.