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Before we get into it, let’s be clear — Logik.io is a complementary enhancement to the “C” of Salesforce CPQ, serving as an advanced high-performance configuration solution, or rules engine, to power product configuration experiences in Salesforce AND digital commerce.

The Logik.io Difference

Over 100 Combined Years of CPQ Experience

Chris Shutts, Logik.io’s CEO, and Godard Abel, Logik.io’s Executive Chairman, are the pioneers of the CPQ category. Together, they founded BigMachines, a leading innovator in CPQ that was later purchased by Oracle and is now Oracle CPQ. Later, Godard built Steelbrick, another innovator in CPQ that was acquired by Salesforce and is now Salesforce CPQ.

Long story short, the two started this business, with many of the teammates and leadership members from their previous CPQ endeavors, with a specific goal: fill the gaps in the market that they were unable to tackle with their previous two companies, and bring CPQ into the next generation. With their experience and learnings, and the entire Logik.io team’s experience and learnings, Logik.io should be considered a trusted leader bringing the next evolution of CPQ technology to the market.

How Does Logik.io Make SalesforceCPQ the Obvious Choice for CPQ?

Logik.io was built natively on the Salesforce Platform, unlike other point solutions

Logik.io was built from the ground up on the
Salesforce Platform and is exclusively compatible with Salesforce for CPQ. So while other CPQ point solutions do integrate with Salesforce, Logik.io allows you to leverage and maintain all the native data structure that already lives in Salesforce. Experience simpler maintenance, and more streamlined experiences for your team, without the disjointed administration and tab-jumping needed when you use another CPQ platform.

Headless architecture lets you use Logik.io for more than just quoting

When you use Salesforce and Logik.io, not only do you get an enhanced CPQ and quoting experience in Salesforce, you get a rules engine that powers configuration and product logic across your entire business. Logik.io’s headless API-first architecture means you can power any front end UI with the rules and logic setup in our platform: commerce, order management, and more. Build it once, use it everywhere.

Intuitive Guided Selling Capabilities for even the Most Advanced and Sophisticated Products

Other CPQ solutions have “configurators” that are essentially product filterers and selectors, which aren’t optimal for most modern products that need some degree of customization and true configuration to meet the exact requirements of the customer. Logik.io was built with advanced guided selling capabilities so sellers aren’t forced to pick parts, but instead are enabled to sell solutions.

Seamless Integration Between Salesforce and ERP/MRP Systems

Logik.io enables end users to separate sales and manufacturing bills of materials. This ensures quotes are streamlined — minimizing line items to only the necessary and relevant products that need to be shown to the customer.

This also ensures a seamless handoff to ERP/MRP systems with a separate object that makes it easy to get manufacturing and finance inputs out of Salesforce and into the back office.

Out of the Box to Fit Your Business

Productized Rules Maintenance that can be Handled by Business Admins

Legacy CPQ solutions and CPQ point solutions often involve heavy coding, scripting, and custom development work in order to fit your business needs. We’ve built Logik.io with the product flexibility to fit your exact business requirements, without all of that.

Instead, we’ve embedded functionality into our software that not only makes it possible to handle advanced and sophisticated product rules and configurations with software-based features, but we’ve made it super simple to manage, with an easy to use admin interface.

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